Rolled Rib of British Beef

Rolled Rib of British Beef




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Boneless Rib of Beef

Perhaps one of the best beef roasting joints, unlike standing rib the overall weight is not determined bone by bone so choosing an appropriate size of joint is easier. Rolled rib joints can be cut to size quite accurately and are easy to carve.

Cooking Advice

Rolled Rib rewards the careful cook, the joint enjoys slow cooking. It can be served rare but that requires careful monitoring with a food temperature guage. Rule of thumb for a 'well done' joint is to put the blade of a sharp knife into the joint, when the juice runs clear -it is done. A guildline of 20mins per lb (450gms) of meat can be used. It is important however when cooking your rib joint that it's checked at regular intervals in order to avoid over cooking and drying out the meat.

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'Image courtesy of' "English Beef and Lamb Executive".

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