Broughs Butchers is a group of independent butchers who share a common title and a shared desire to be successful.

The businesses are financially and managerially autonomous; each has a Director who is a partner in the business and each is independent of the other.

Tony Brough is the single link with all the businesses; his role is that of an administrator and management resource.

The Ainsdale Shop has traded since 1974, Tony and his father Peter set up shop in Station Road Ainsdale. Birkdale began in 1996, Formby 1995.
The group share a desire to sell only quality meat.

We think that quality starts on the farm with the observance of good farming practice and gratuitous care; standards that are continued throughout the process of transition from field to fork.

We have forged strong links with a network of wholesalers; people appreciate our requirements, meet our specifications and share our passion for good meat.

Almost all the meat we sell is traceable, born on British Farms, slaughtered in Britain - to British standards of good practice. Any meat that is not British is imported from within the EEC. This is not our preferred choice but from time to time availability requires us to depart from our indulgence.

We really like our business, we work hard to ensure we and the people who work with us have a sustainable future. That is our mission and with the support of our loyal customers - we will achieve it.

Tony Brough