White Pudding - Chub (232g)

White Pudding - Chub (232g)





Award Winning White puddings from a local and traditional manufacturer. These puddings are the real deal from Lancashire - the recipe has been handed down through generations and the accolades continue to be attested. Lancashire White pudding is spicy and contains fat - its what makes it special!

Cooking Advice

Grill or fry for 6-8 minutes turning regularly

Allergy advice

Wheat, flour, gluten, Oatmeal, Milk (dried)

Not Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

INGREDIENTS: Pork(46%), Water, Oatmeal, Wheat Flour (with added calcium, iron, niacin & thiamin), Onion, Pork Bouillon (Salt; Lactose(Milk); Sugar; Palm Oil; Flavourings; Yeast extract; Roast onions; Colour: Caramel; Rapeseed Oil; Mixed spices), Wheat Protein, Salt, Pepper, Mixed Herbs, Raising Agent Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate.

Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK
Humane Slaughter
Food facts

Nutritional Information per 100 grams:
Energy 121 k cal
Fat: 6.77 g Sugar: 0.6g Protein: 11.00g Salt: 1.44g Iron:17.4mg