Leg of Beef (hind leg) Serves 3-4

Leg of Beef (hind leg) Serves 3-4

Guide: 500g/each


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A meat with great potential

Leg of beef is taken from the the hind leg and contains less gristle (connective tissue) than the fore shin.

It contains seams of gristle that melt away during the cooking process. When cooked thoroughly the meat is tender and tasty, the residual glutinous stock is nutritious and easily digested.

Cooking Advice

Shin contains seams of gristle, these fibers are soft and all but dissapear during the cooking process. The meat is prepared as a dice and when cooked thoroughly is rendered soft to the palate. The residual glutinous stock is nutricious and can be prepared to make 'Beef Tea' an infusion that has proven recouperative properties.

Cook slowly, in an oven, as a casserole or in a slow cooker.

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Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK
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