Lamb Noisette with black pudding Serves 2

Lamb Noisette with black pudding Serves 2

Guide: 350g/each


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A loin of British lamb is boned and trimmed, the center is filled with a portion of 'Bury' black pudding. The roll is secured and then brushed with a Greek style marinade.
The chilled roll is cut into several portions - each equivalent to a large lamb chop. Oregano, thyme and garlic are present in this light red marinade with the distinct Greek gyros taste, Greek sun in an English kitchen!

Cooking Advice

Grill or Oven Bake

Allergy advice

Glutamate. G.F. YES

Food Facts / Ingredients

Contains: Herbs, spices, veg oil, flavour enhancer E621, flavouring (contains flavour enhancers E621 and E627), yeast extract, spice extract, antioxidant E300, colouring E150d.
Black Pudding:Rusk, blood, seasoning, spice & preservative

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Slaughtered In: UK
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