Gammon Steaks 2 per pack

Gammon Steaks 2 per pack

Guide: 400g/each


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Gammon,Egg and Chips!

The seaside favourite, always appealing and very popular as a family treat. The gammon is tender and mild, you can serve it with almost anything - mayonnaise is good on the chips!

Presented in Vacuum pack, can be stored unopened for up to 2 weeks at not more than +5c

Cooking Advice

To cook, grill, pan fry, oven bake or barbeque - serve with anything you fancy.
Pineapple is the traditional accompaniment to Gammon Steak. Its sweet juice inhibits any saltiness and has tenderising properties.

When Vacuum sealed and stored at less than +5c the gammon will stay fresh for two weeks without freezing

Allergy advice


Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Pork,water (-10%) salt, saltpetre

Meat Content %


Humane Slaughter
Born in - EEC
Slaughtered in - EEC
Food facts

Pork is Produced in the EEC - and Cured in UK