Chicken Liver - serves 2-6

Chicken Liver - serves 2-6

Guide: 500g/each


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Chicken Liver is generally the mildest tasting and most tender offal. It can be cooked in a variety of ways to produce a number of different meals or products. It is used extensively on the manufacture of Pate'. The properties of chicken liver lend themselves to blending quietly with a variety of other ingredients to achieve the taste that the chef seeks to achieve.

Cooking Advice

Can be used as a principal ingredient of Pate. Alternatively pan frying is popular. The liver should be accompanied with other ingredients in the pan - Suggestion - herbs, spices, honey and a sprinkle of wine or wine vinegar to taste.

Allergy advice


Gluten Free
Slaughter Method - Not Validated
Packed in the EEC
Born in - EEC
Slaughtered in - EEC
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