The Ham Chub (800g)

The Ham Chub (800g)





The Chub is roughly 1/4 of a full sized gammon.
The joint is presented in a vacuum sealed pouch.
Provided the vacuum seal remains intact
the joint will remain fresh for 7 days.
Once the seal is broken - if the ham is wrapped in tin-foil, it will
remain fresh for 5 days in a refrigerator.
This means that slices can be cut from the joint
at a size and depth of the customer's choice.

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What is Kettle Cooked ?
Gammon - cured in the UK is cooked in bag, that is submersed in a large cylindrical kettle full of water. 6 hams per cooking session, nothing is added. After many hours in the kettle the hams are withdrawn, cooled and stored in their own jelly until it is prepared for sale.

Imported - Non EEC
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Just Slice!

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contains a small amount of nitrate and saltpetre in the cure / brine liquor

Gluten Free
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Pork and Brine

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Not Born In: UK
Not Slaughtered In: UK
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