Streaky Bacon - dry cure 12 rashers per pack

Streaky Bacon - dry cure 12 rashers per pack

Guide: 500g/each


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12 rashers of Streaky bacon - the crispy one!

Our dry-cured streaky is the best for a butty !

It cooks quickly (grill, fry or oven bake) and is just So_o_o_o tasty!

Broughs award winning bacon is dry cured exclusively for us. The product is dry, it has not been adulterated (pumped with protien emulsions) to make it weigh more - so there is no white stuff in the pan.

Cooking Advice

To cook simply grill on a low/medium heat turning every few minutes until you get it as lean or as crispy as you like.

Allergy advice


Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Pork,water (-10%) salt, saltpeter

Meat Content %


Humane Slaughter
Born in - EEC
Slaughtered in - EEC