Smokey Back Bacon - 8 rasher pack

Smokey Back  Bacon - 8 rasher pack

Guide: 400g/each


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Award Winning Smokey Bacon!

Traditional dry cured bacon - holds its flavour does not shrink like commercial bacon, it is not stretched, pumped or adulterated in any way. The product is fresh pork, with a light cure and brushed with a smokey flavouring - there is NO WHITE STUFF in the pan after cooking!

Cooking Advice

Grill, Fry, Oven Bake

Allergy advice

No Allergens

Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Pork; Water (-10%); Salt; Saltpeter, flavouring

Meat Content %


Humane Slaughter
Born in - EEC
Slaughtered in - EEC