Lamb Pinwheel 2 per pack (150g)

Lamb Pinwheel 2 per pack (150g)





Lamb Apricot Pinwheel
When cooked the pastry in the pinwheel expands to roughly the size of a generous Danish Pastry. The pastry absorbs much of the meat juices and the result is a very tasty meal especially when served with veg and chips.One is usually enough!
To create this product we select lean British Lamb (clean muscle), mince it and mix it with herbs and spices. The mixture is then rolled out to form a square. The pastry is rolled out, the meat placed upon it and the product rolled into a log. It is then stored in our cold room to rest and later cut into wheels.

Cooking Advice

Pinwheels are simple to cook, place in an oven (pre-heated to 170c) - on its paper disc turn over after 15 min for a perfect result.

Allergy advice


Not Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Lamb,Contains: Herbs, spices, veg oil, flavour enhancer E621, flavouring (contains flavour enhancers E621 and E627), yeast extract, spice extract, antioxydant E300, colouring E150d Allergens : Glutamates. G.F. YES

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Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK
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