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Imagine a chicken that has moist dense meat, a high meat to bone ratio, a natural fat layer that self-bastes in the oven, and a depth of flavour unlike any chicken you have tasted.

The time has come, we are delighted to introduce our Free Range Very Very Special Chicken. We have always had the dream of taking our artisan methods of turkey production to chicken to produce a product that is significantly different to what is currently available. That moment has now arrived.

Reared to the same exceptional standards as our turkeys Copas Chickens live a full and happy life to natural adult maturity for 12 weeks, more than double the life of a commercial chicken. Our chickens are all British breeds sourced from a local independent hatchery, and truly range freely on our farm in Cookham. They are fed on a natural cereal based diet supplemented with extra vegetables thrown in from a local vegetable farm.

Traditionally game hung for up to 14 days and hand finished, our chickens have a superior depth of flavour only known to those lucky enough to have sampled a Copas turkey. Copas chickens will weigh 2.5 – 3.5kg and are designed for a special meal, dinner party or family get together. Each chicken arrives individually boxed complete with clear cooking instructions, recipe ideas for leftovers, a pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary.

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Roast and serve with crispy potatoes

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Free Range Chicken

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