Cow Heel (dressed)

Cow Heel (dressed)

Guide: 1.5kg/each


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Our Cow Heels are prepared ready to use they are cleaned, cooked and bleached.
Cow Heels are usually cut in half, packed and are ready to use, but can be left whole on instruction - please leave a note in 'customer comments' at checkout.
There are many recipes for cooking Cow Heel. It is traditionally added to stewing meats to thicken and flavour. The meats are prepared and seasoned - then placed into a pot where they are cooked for a long time on a low heat, 'crock pots' are ideal vessels for this.

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Cow heel cleaned, cooked and bleached
Our Butchers will cut the Cow Heel in Half unless instructed otherwise.

Cooking Advice

Slow Cook in a pan or crock pot, season well, stir occasionally and add other meats to flavour

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Gluten Free
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Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK