Chitterlings (Pipes and Maws mixed)

Chitterlings (Pipes and Maws mixed)

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Chitterlings or Chitlings (Mixed Pipes and Maws) are Washed pork intestines turned inside-out, cleaned, plaited and boiled. Usually sold cooked and chilled, sometimes in their own jelly, to be eaten cold with vinegar and mustard, or fried with bacon.

More information

Chitterlings need to be washed thoroughly and any undigested food removed.
This is an unpleasant process and very time consuming.
Our Chitterlings and Maws are cleaned, rinsed, and bleached ready to use.
It is the time spent in preparation and not the specific value of the 'pipe' that makes chitterlings a more expensive white offal.

Cooking Advice

We have chosen an image of Chitterlings prepared in an Asian style of cooking - they look delicious!

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Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Cleaned, cooked and bleached - but they are still part of the digestive tract and should be thoroughly cooked.

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