BBQ Chicken Thigh 4 per pack

BBQ Chicken Thigh 4 per pack

Guide: 400g/each


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Barbecue Chicken Thighs

4 chicken thighs for £4.50 - offers great value for money!
The thighs are marinated in a rich smokey flavouring, so in the oven or on the BBQ they are bursting with flavour and are easy to eat.

Cooking Advice

Roast or grill for 25 minutes on 190 C or Gas mark 5.

However, if you would like to BBQ your thighs, then cook for approximately 30 minutes.

Allergy advice

Wheat, Glutamate

Not Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

chicken:Sugar, Salt, Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract (Yeast Extract, Salt), Dried Tomato (3%), Spices (Paprika, Black Pepper), Dried Garlic, Acid (Sodium Di-acetate), Starch, Smoke Flavouring produced from Hickory, Dried Onion, Thickener (Guar Gum), Malt Extract (Barley), Citric Acid, Colour (Paprika Extract) energy (kJ)

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Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK
Slaughter Method - Not Validated