MacSweens Haggis Serves 3- 4 (450g)

MacSweens Haggis Serves 3- 4 (450g)





MacSweens Haggis

The Burns night essential

The traditional centre piece for a Burns Night Supper on or about the 25th January. Invite your friends and family to celebrate this special Caledonian feast, it will be a great occasion and a liberating social event!

Cooking Advice

Haggis is a cooked product, it only requires heating up to serve. Traditionally the haggis is warmed gently in a pan of water. This method works very well, but if the casing splits - it means you will be serving Haggis soup!

We prefer to warm the Haggis in the oven, dry heat then even of the casing does split, the haggis will not be spoiled.

Haggis is usually served with mashed potatoes and mashed turnip, it is also common to sprinkle some whiskey over the haggis for a really traditional touch.
Good luck!

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Not Gluten Free
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Slaughtered In: UK
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