LOW FAT - Chilli Chicken Sausage 8 per pack

LOW FAT - Chilli Chicken Sausage 8 per pack

Guide: 800g/each


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If Calories matter!

These LOW FAT Chilli Chicken sausage make a tasty consideration for your meal planning

The chicken is all breast meat and the chilli flavouring makes it sparkle with flavour!

An oriental background to the product is reflected in the ingredients, chilli, garlic, a hint of lemon and a sketch of paprika. Not hot, but spicy.

Cooking Advice

grill, oven bake or BBQ

Allergy advice

Wheat, glutamate

Not Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Chicken, Water, Rusk.Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), salt, vegetables (garlic, paprika, tomato), spices (peppers, chillies, paprika, cumin, jalapeño pepper), flavour enhancer: mono sodium glutamate, colouring: paprika extract, herbs, natural flavourings.

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Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK
Humane Slaughter