Honey Roast Ham (several slices in 100 gram portions)

Honey Roast Ham (several slices in 100 gram portions)

Guide: 100g/each


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The flavour of this Ham is exceptional. It is dry, tender and as good as I could cook at home.

There are no clever treatments, practices or additives, no artificial colour, gluten or preservative - other than the naturally occurring salt from the cure. Our boiled ham has been popular since we first started to produce it over 20 years ago.

It is a Danish Cured product. We cook it in a HAM kettle - then roasted traditionally.

Nothing is added or taken away - it is an honest product.
The meat will be sliced and packed separately in 100 gram vacuum bags.

Cooking Advice

Just eat!

Allergy advice

None present

Gluten Free
Food Facts / Ingredients

Contains: pork, water, salt, saltpeter, Honey

Humane Slaughter
Born in - EEC
Slaughtered in - EEC