Christmas Hamper - Serves 5-8 (4.5kg)

Christmas Hamper - Serves 5-8 (4.5kg)





This Christmas Hamper Contains;

Boneless Turkey Breast Joint (4lb - 1.8kg)
16 Award winning chipolata sausages (1lb - 450 grams)
12 Rashers of streaky bacon (1lb - 450 grams)
Corner Gammon Joint (2.5 lb - 980grams)
Beef Joint serves (2lb - 900 grams)

Turkey breast joint - easy carve, no waste

Cooking Advice

Gammon Joint - place the joint in a pan and cover with water, bring the water to the boil. Strain the water from the pan and refill with fresh water, bring the water to simmer and leave it there for 90 mins.
Honey Roast Gammon - Once cooked you can strain the water away drizzle in honey, coat in brown sugar and place into a hot pre-heated oven for 10- 15 mins.

Allergy advice

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Not Gluten Free
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