Broughs Free Range Turkey

Broughs Free Range Turkey




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White Free Range Turkey

We have visited the farm in Cheshire where our turkeys are grown to ensure
that they truly are - FREE RANGE!. The turkeys are reared in a natural
environment with care and compassion. The birds are processed on the farm to
ensure standards of welfare are consistently applied and meet with our
White feathered turkeys grow a little quicker than the black (bronze)
feathered varieties and the price reflects this saving.

Cooking Advice

Free Range Turkey Serving and Cooking guide
(basting is recommended).

5kg__2hr 55 minutes__Serves 5-6

6kg__3hr 15 minutes__Serves 6-8

7kg__3hr 35 minutes__Serves 8-10

8kg__4 hr __________Serves 10+

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Gluten Free
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Slaughtered In: UK
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