Beef Salmon Cut - joint

Beef Salmon Cut - joint




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The (leanest) Beef Roast

Sunday was one day of the week when the family would gather and enjoy a meal together, the roast potatoes, mash, carrots, peas and delicious gravy, you could smell it all over the house - great!

Topside and Silverside are the traditional cuts for the Sunday Roast. Silverside is inherently lean and tender, a constituent muscle is the Salmon Cut.

Cooking Advice

To cook simply roast for either 20 mins per lb for a rare finish, or 30 mins per lb for a medium finish, or 45 mins per lb for a well done piece of meat.

Serve with new/roast or mashed potatoes along with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.

Allergy advice

None Present

Gluten Free
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Born In: UK
Slaughtered In: UK
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